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  • China Mirror Grinding Machine, China Mirror Grinding

    PG45 Professional Custom LOGO lifts small mirror glass grinding polishing machine Wholesale from China Hangzhou Lin'an Origin Trading Co., Ltd. US $130.00-$165.00 /

  • Mirror Grinding Machine » Leonardo Da Vinci's

    The mirror or lens grinding machine is a masterpiece of mechanical engineering. It has several gears in mesh at all times and also has several variable settings built into it. This machine was most likely designed by Leonardo while he was either investigating the different ways that light reflected off things or maybe he was planning on inventing a

  • mirror surface grinding machine Alibaba

    Machine Grinding Surface Mirror 1524MM*180MM Abrasive Flat Belt Sanding Machine With Drum For Grinding And Wooden Product Surface To Be Mirror US $3600-$40000/ Set 1.0 Sets (Min Order) 1 YRS Qingdao Haohuahuichuang Intelligent Idustry Co., Ltd.

  • Astro-Tel Mirror grinding machine

    2001-4-12 · MIRROR GRINDING MACHINE. I made my first mirror grinding and polishing machine over thirty years ago. It used the working principle of the machine illustrated at "A" Fig.3, Page 163, "Amateur Telescope Making" Book

  • Mirror Grinding Machine Hackaday

    2006-9-26 · The true test of the amateur astronomer is building their own telescope. Grinding and polishing your own mirrors is a long, arduous process.

  • Mirror grinding machine Thomas, Griscavage Frank

    Grinding machine: 1941-06-24: 1972086: Metallographic polishing machine: 1934-09-04: 1639012: Surfacing machine: 1927-08-16: 1485321: Device for lapping gauges: 1924-02-26

  • Mirror-o-Matic mirror making machine ATM pages

    2018-5-16 · The M-o-M is a marvellous machine due to its simplicity and yet refined design. It is extremely flexible accommodating mirror sizes from 4 inch up to 20 inch (with slight modifications) and can be used for all three steps necessary in

  • Mirror Grinding Machine ATM, Optics and DIY

    2010-9-29 · The new machine will have an 8" eccentric and can do up to 32" mirrors (in case I ever get that ambitious...). The torque is presumably less than

  • Making a homemade mirror grinding machine ATM,

    2006-3-6 · I made two turntables: a 22 inch and an 18 inch. The larger one is for grinding and polishing mirrors and is also used at higher speeds to centrifugally cast resin mirrors,

  • Mirror Grinding Machine Products & Suppliers

    In September 1858, shortly after his return from Europe, Draper began the construction of a mirror grinding machine of Lord Rosse’s design. Advances in Abrasive Technology XVI The superhard diamond grinding wheel with large-grit size plays an important role in precision mirror grinding

  • Mirror Grinding Machine, G. W. Ritchey National Air

    2021-1-11 · George Willis Ritchey built this mirror grinding machine at the Yerkes Observatory in Williams Bay, Wisconsin, in the late 1890s. Under the sponsorship of George Ellery Hale, the machine was used to grind a series of telescope mirrors starting with a 24-inch and then a 60-inch mirror for a telescope initially intended for the Yerkes Observatory.

  • China Super Mirror Polishing /Grinding Machine for

    Mirror (8K) Polishing Machine Mirror Polishing Machine is used to polish Sheet or Plates of Stainless Steel up to Highly Reflective Mirror Effect. The surface receives a uniform and directionless gloss with a magnificent brilliance. After Grinded in Grinding Section, Sheets will feed into the polishing section.

  • Mirror grinding machine Thomas, Griscavage Frank

    Mirror grinding machine . United States Patent 2779137 . Inventors: Thomas, Griscavage Frank . Application Number: US45742954A . Publication Date: 01/29/1957 . Filing Date: 09/21/1954 . Export Citation: Click for automatic bibliography generation

  • Grinding Machine for Large Telescope Mirrors

    2020-11-1 · Grinding Machine for Large Telescope Mirrors I designed and built a grinding machine for mirrors up to 42 inches [1.1m] in diameter. By slipping on and off a couple of belts, the machine can quickly be reconfigured for spinning work or for stroking work.

  • Mirror-o-Matic mirror making machine ATM pages

    2018-5-16 · Mirror-O-Matic grinding machine. When I decided in 2009 after a ten-year break to get into mirror making again, it quickly became clear to me that I would need to construct machine, as hand grinding big mirrors is not something very

  • Making a homemade mirror grinding machine ATM,

    2006-3-6 · Making a homemade mirror grinding machine posted in ATM, Optics and DIY Forum: I want to make a motorized mirror grinder,any good info on this,i have a couple geared motors,low speed high torque. One more questionwill 1 1/2 shaft size pillow block bearings work good for a homemade EQ mount? Thank you,John

  • From the kiln of Horace Davis Mirror Grinding

    2015-8-13 · I had an idle mirror grinding machine (a modified MOM 20), so I volunteered to grind and polish his blanks and check for strain using the cross-polarized light test. Soon, three plate glass blanks arrived, two 10 inch and one 7.5 inch. They looked pretty bad. They showed a lot of strain where Horace had taken a belt sander to them.

  • Mirror grinding scope making

    2007-2-13 · A good starter size is the 150 mm (6") mirror. A 200mm (8") will also work. Most ATM books and websites recommend a Pyrex® mirror blank, but in my opinion, annealed plate glass is better for this first, "learn and practice" mirror.It is cheaper, it is softer and grinds faster, needing less abrasives and with these small sizes, the low expansion glass like Pyrex has no practical

  • Study on a 5-axis precision and mirror grinding of

    2016-10-1 · The precision freeform grinding depends on the on-machine truing of diamond wheel, leading to the inefficiency of grinding system. Hence, a virtual ball-end algorithm along with a fixed tool posture angle is proposed for the 5-axis grinding of glass by