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  • Oregon Gold Finding Gold in Oregon, Oregon Gold

    According to the Discovery Channel, it’s the No. 1 show in the 9 p.m. time slot on Fridays — that’s including both cable and broadcast TV — scoring especially high ratings among men. In Alaska, the Hoffmans and crew found some gold over two seasons, falling just shy of a stated goal of finding 100 ounces this year.

  • 9 Places to go Gold Panning in Oregon without a

    2016-10-29 · And: Jacksonville, Oregon: A Gold Rush Town with Charm . 5. Sixes River . Apprimately 10 miles east of Sixes, Oregon is an access point for gold prospectors. It is called the Sixes River BLM Recreational Mining Site and is roughly 1 mile of the Sixes River

  • Gold Mining in Oregon Explore Musick Mine on

    2018-12-23 · The Bohemia Mining District east of Cottage Grove reveals buildings, equipment, and the hopes and dreams of men 120 years ago. A time when gold mining in Oregon could make a man rich, and the treasure was there for the taking. Bohemia City’s post office and store, built in

  • State of Oregon: Oregon Ghost Towns Oregon Mining

    2021-5-16 · Nearly half of Southwest Oregon miners were Chinese in the 1860s. Many were pushed out of the industry by Americans as gold became harder to find. Later in the century, corporations replaced small, independent mine operations as mining

  • 7 Rivers in Oregon that are Full of Gold Nuggets

    2016-11-9 · Gold Mining in Oregon Oregon is one of the best states to mine for gold in the US. The gold deposits are widespread but are richest in the southern part of the state just north of the California border near Grants Pass and Medford, and also in Eastern Oregon

  • Where to Find Gold in Oregon Western Mining

    The Greenhorn District, location of the ghost town of Greenhorn City, is one of Oregon’s oldest gold districts. Placer gold was first mined here in the 1860s, eventually transitioning to lode mining as the placers ran out. This district is in a remote part of Oregon’s Blue Mountains and straddles the Baker-Grant county line.



  • Pay-to-Dig Mines for Oregon Sunstone, Thunder

    Gold is mined throughout Oregon in the Cascade Mountains, down into southern Oregon toward the California border, as well as in Eastern Oregon's Blue Mountains. Our eBook Start Finding Gold in Oregon discusses these areas in great detail.

  • Gold Mines in the Oregon Mountains USA Today

    2018-3-21 · Historic Mines. Oregon's historic "gold belt" covers an area about 100 miles long and 50 miles wide in the northeastern part of the state. There, the scars of

  • State of Oregon: Oregon Ghost Towns Oregon Mining

    2021-5-16 · Gold strikes often followed a pattern in Oregon. First the placer miners and the panners arrived, taking the most easily reached metals from streams. Rich claims were taken up by white Americans, while poor ones were sold to Chinese mining operations. Nearly half of Southwest Oregon miners were Chinese in the 1860s.

  • Oregon Gold Oregon Gold

    Oregon Gold. Here you can find information about Oregon gold prospecting and history. From time to time, I will add other articles that relate to prospecting and events outside of the state of Oregon. I will try to add new articles and update this site as I go along and obtain more information about the places in Oregon where you can find gold.

  • Where To Find Gold In Oregon: Plus 3 Public Access

    The Quartzville Recreation Corridor is a historical mining area that has produced a lot of gold. It is an excellent location for people who live in the Willamette Valley. 3. Sharps Creek. Another easy location for people that live in the Willamette Valley is Sharps Creek. There is access is about 15 miles southeast of Cottage Grove which allows

  • Gold mine in Oregon “worth building” MINING.COM

    2018-5-27 · The Grassy Mountain Gold project is expected to produce 47,000 ounces of gold and 50,000 ounces of silver for 7.25 years. Gold mine in Oregon “worth building” MINING.COM

  • Gold, Silver, And Other Mining Claims In Oregon By

    Sheaville Owyhee Lake Area, Opalite-Brietz Mining District, Mormon Basin Mining District, and other mining districts with gold, silver, and other mining activity found In Oregon. Quick Facts 33,007 records of mining claims on public land managed by the Bureau of Land Management.

  • Gold Hill Oregon Western Mining History

    Gold hill quickly became the rail hub and supply center for the area. Gold mining was still a major local industry and Gold Hill quickly grew into a prosperous town serving both the mines and timber and agricultural industries. A post office was established in 1884. The town was incorporated in 1895. Gold Hill Pocket Mine

  • Oregon Historical Mining Information Large-Format

    2019-10-28 · Bourne Gold Mining Co.& Eastern Oregon Gold Mining Co. 1908: 1:3000: Baker: Cracker Creek: Elliot Placer Claim: nd: nd: 1:2400: Baker: Cracker Creek: Eureka and Tabor Fraction: Plan and Long section,showing sampling of unstopped sections(map#7) 1941: 1:480: Baker: Cracker Creek: Eureka (E&E) Longitudinal map of E&E (Excelsior section) nd: 1:300

  • Chemical Process Mining Oregon Department of

    2021-2-3 · Oregon's Chemical Mining Rules apply to this project because cyanide is proposed for processing the gold. The processed tailings will be placed in a tailings disposal facility. This facility must be lined, capped and designed to avoid any discharge to groundwater or surface waters. The impoundment will be capped and sealed upon completion.

  • Republic Mining Helping Miners Mine

    Proven gold mines, the best deals on mining equipment, and a place to get help on mining. Republic Mining. 4 hours 20 minutes ago Would you like to join this treasure hunt and get unlimited access to over 760 acres of mining claims throughout Oregon, Washington, and California? Our monthly rate 9.99 per month or 99.99 per year or 499 for a